Long floaty trench coat CHAMOIS ROSE
Limited edition
Short-sleeved cardigan NOIR
Linen and cotton fine-ribbed knit cardigan OFF WHITE
Large Breton print tote bag INK BLUE/BLANC
Short denim jacket BLANC
Short leather jacket, denim jacket style INDIGO
Limited edition
Square scarf DUNE
Short suede jacket in the style of a denim jacket PEACH
Limited edition
Square tie-dye scarf TOMETTE
Chinos with cargo topstitching BLACK OLIVE
Fine-knit ribbed cashmere cardigan NOYER/OFF WHITE
Slim cropped jeans with stitchings INK BLUE
Limited edition
Cardigan  ARMY
Breton print bandana INK BLUE/BLANC
Dress with embroidery details TOMETTE
Printed cotton veil dress WILD PANTHERE
Boyfriend jeans DARK BLUE
Scarf with embroidery and tassels OFF WHITE
Low-waisted dress CANDY APPLE
Limited edition
Linen t-shirt with embroidery detail INDIGO/MIDNIGHT
Light and airy print dress COKLICO MISTY ROSE
Fine-ribbed linen and cotton tank top MIDNIGHT
Fine-knit ribbed cashmere jumper NOYER/OFF WHITE
Bomber jacket NOIR