Broderie anglaise skirt | 95€ Coming soon
Long printed dress | 95€ Coming soon


There's a safari vibe to the spring-summer collection by Comptoir des Cotonniers. But this safari isn't about hunting big cats; it's about celebrating a thirst for travel and going back to our roots in a flock of vibrant, joyful looks.

The Comptoir des Cotonniers wardrobe brings together slices of Africa, Europe and the Americas to create a cool and magical new world. It's more than a dream world; it's a dream come true in a sleek, sustainable collection that makes sense and ups the style stakes, without the price war.

Like an explorer from the olden days opening her luggage full of sophisticated pieces, beneath giant butterflies and palm trees that sway in the breeze, our tarmac and woodland adventurer is spoilt for choice with a contemporary and utterly irresistible collection.

Some pieces showcase their heritage, like the workwear jacket and trousers combo or indigo hue, whilst others ooze a sense of nostalgia, like these openwork polos and skirts and cream-coloured clothes made for a twilight rendez-vous by the lagoon... The parka with elasticated cuffs, a gathered back and loose fit whisks us straight off the beaten track; and if the tropical rain starts to pour then pull on the sodalite blue trench coat! As for the accessories, oversized sandals and lightweight raffia bags open the doors to magical new horizons, ripe for exploration in a waistcoat and pleated cropped trousers.

Monochrome hues speak for themselves. Orange, lemon yellow, pink, khaki or deep blue make a bold statement, free from the shackles of print. The only exceptions are a few hibiscus blooms on a light blouse and candy stripes to bring a childhood air to soft jumpers.

That's right, you can be bold in the sunshine and chic in the moonlight!