They walk, they run, they fly! This autumn-winter 2022, some exceptionally stylish and singular women instill a breath of freshness into Comptoir des Cotonniers. Their look bears the signature of a truly on-fashion, on the move, ultra-modern and responsible collection. While styles are multiplied, the silhouette is increasingly iconic. And its aura can be spotted among a thousand! A “Comptoir des Cotonniers” woman has great style, she knows where she comes from and above all: she knows where she is going. Because isn’t style the means and ways of getting ahead in life? We want to offer women the freedom to choose, to compose striking looks, to dare their own mix&match.
In keeping with the times, our state of mind is one of solidarity. Purposefully conceived by women - those of Comptoir des Cotonniers - for all women. And rest assured: when we say “all”, it’s not just a motto, it’s a reality. Despite the diversity of our origins, our ages and our personalities, we all share the same desire for a luminous and sensitive, dynamic and easygoing femininity. This femininity of a new age is reflected in our clear-cut lines, our liberated movements, our pride in displaying a joyful... and so terribly French casualness. A woman must have a room of her own, wrote the great Virginia Woolf. And why not: a fashion of her own? Style is our specialty. So, push the door: it’s wide open!
Whether it comes from Nîmes or from cowboys in the American West, it has inspired us for ages. Worn as jeans, shirts or jackets, raw or stonewashed, denim remains the most intriguing piece in a wardrobe. It allows for a chic or casual look, a rock edginess or a trendy mix&match. Adopted as a teenager, denim never leaves us. And at Comptoir, it is also responsible and committed: organic cotton and reduced water consumption for washing treatment. With it, we beat the pavement and cross the countryside, with unbridled enthusiasm!
Who said they were reserved to men? When in fact, they look dazzling on women. An apparent paradox that highlights a dash of flair, just as we like. Ultra-sexy, this symbol of masculine/feminine has become one of our fetishes, in tune with the times - elegant, casual and fluid. Whether Prince of Wales, gingham, tartan, houndstooth or lumberjack, checks are no longer held in check, and so much the better.
Did we used to like green? Not enough! The symbol of hope was hardly in favour. But everything is changing. Today, the colour of nature par excellence seduces by its tenderness, its beauty, its autumn glints. Its variations sketch the outlines of a new Eden, made of softness and infinite mysteries that we like to unveil a little more each season: forest green, lichen green, opal green or pine green... It’s settled: this winter, we’re going green!
They delight us in summer and warm our souls in winter! This season, flowers are the focus of our exclusive prints. Patterns from our archives have been reworked in maxi format by our studio. An irresistible move that reveals a femininity imbued with emotion. As if the finest gardens had invaded our wardrobe. We love them all, we want them all!