Coat with lapels SAUTERNE
Oversize padded jacket NOIR
Coat with lapels NOIR
Timeless coat ICED COFFEE
Timeless coat DARK NAVY
Extra large padded jacket MOREL
Synthetic fur coat NOIR
Oversize padded jacket SPICY MUSTARD
Extra large padded jacket NOIR
Oversize padded jacket MOREL
Hooded parka DEEP DEPTHS
Hooded parka EVENING BLUE
Mid-length coat GUN CLUB
Mid-length coat HOUNDTOOTH
Timeless trench coat  EVENING BLUE
Timeless trench coat  ICED COFFEE
Check print coat NAVY CHECKS
Double-sided hooded coat DEEP DEPTHS
Iconic puffer jacket DR OG/DEEP DE
Iconic puffer jacket TULIP NOIR
Iconic puffer jacket TULIP CABERNET
Tweed coat RED MELANGE
Iconic puffer jacket DR CAB/FUDGE
Iconic puffer jacket OG/AMBER
Teddy coat  DARK NAVY
Iconic puffer jacket EB/OFF WHITE
Boiled wool coat NAVY
Puffer jacket NOIR/DR OG
Synthetic fur coat LION
Duffle-coat-type coat DARK NAVY
Duffle-coat-type coat GREY/BEIGE
Double-breasted pea coat DARK NAVY
Timeless trench coat  CABERNET
Short synthetic fur coat OFF WHITE
Smooth leather jacket NOIR
Classic double-sided coat  NOIR
Classic double-sided coat  FUDGE
Classic double-sided coat  MIDDLE GREY
Short synthetic fur coat LION
A coat is a must-have garment in cold weather, but also an essential fashion statement to have in your wardrobe. Discover Comptoir des Cotonniers’ collection of women’s coats and jackets. A line of jackets, trench coats, puffer jackets, leather jackets, parkas and reefer jackets at the cutting edge of fashion. The variety designs and cuts - oversize, fitted, 2-in-1 or classic - means you can endlessly mix and match them with all your looks. For a Parisian look, opt for our trench coats, or for a great city chic look, try our “mademoiselle plume” line: a collection of light puffer jackets available in new colours and shapes.