Discover Suzanne, autumn-winter ambassador
Each season, Comptoir Stories features the true story of an inspiring, intriguing woman. The story of a woman who is genuine, who changes the world around her in her own way... Enjoy getting to know her today.
suzanne meyer
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Fresh out of the Paris Opera Ballet School, Suzanne decided to tackle the demanding nature of contemporary dance at the Paris Conservatory. One foot in ballet, the other in musical comedies, as well as participation in video clips, this devotee of dance in its myriad of forms recently gave birth to her most beautiful inspiration ever: her daughter!

And, this is how she came across Contakids, a "contact dance" method which initiates children in movement in the simplest possible way: Hand-in-hand with her baby girl she experienced a gentle, fun-filled merry-go-round, free from rules and constraints. An experience which she chose to pass on and extend by launching a class in Paris. Adults rediscover childhood instincts, children master dance as if it was their native language. Comptoir was captivated by this burning passion for freedom and transmission.
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