Soft touch cigarette fit jeans NOIR
Vintage jeans VINTAGE WASH
Soft touch cigarette fit jeans NAVY
Skinny stretch jeans NOIR
Skinny coated jeans NAVY
Soft touch cigarette fit jeans RUST
Skinny coated jeans NOIR
Soft touch cigarette fit jeans OFF WHITE
Soft touch cigarette fit jeans DEEP GREEN
Wide cropped jeans VINTAGE WASH
Cigarette jeans DARK GREY
Cigarette jeans INDIGO DARK
Cigarette fit jeans RAW
Soft-touch cigarette-fit jeans DEVIL
Cigarette fit jeans FADED BLACK
Wide cropped jeans NAVY OVERDYE
Sequin skinny jeans NOIR
Two-tone cigarette jeans INDIGO STRIPE
Vintage jeans FADED BLACK
Soft-touch cigarette-fit jeans ROSE CLAY

Denim for every occasion! Discover our collection of women jeans: ranging from high-waisted jeans to boyfriend jeans and the fashionable flare jeans, you'll find everything you are looking for and more! The boyfriend jeans can be worn rolled up with a pair of white tennis shoes for a casual chic look. Ususally low-waisted and loose-fitting at the hips, the boyfit is also available in a slim fit version. The flare jeans, inspired by 70's bell-bottom vintage styles, are perfect for a hippie chic look and much more! For a relaxed look, the slim-fit or skinny jeans fitted at the hip and around thighs will match perfectly with a loose-fitting blouse. The straight-cut cropped jeans will add a touch of originality to your look.