Flat, lace-up ballerina with open toe PLATANE
Velour leather high boots NOIR
Open-toed lace-up heels NOIR
Flat, lace-up ballerina with open toe VERONESE
Canvas rangers DUNE
Velour leather mid boots PLATANE
Leather high-heeled sandals with braid details COOPER/BEIGE
Leather trainers OFF WHITE
New In
Velours leather high-heeled shoes NAVY
New In
Discover the Comptoir des Cotonniers footwear collection: a selection that’s always on trend and a collection that’s updated frequently to offer you a wide range to choose from. Discover our footwear for all occasions: our sneakers for a casual look, high heels for nights out and cocktail parties, sandals for the summer, and boots in a variety of styles with different heel heights. You’re sure to find the shoe that fits among our many designs, with something to suit every outfit and occasion.