Employability and mobility!
At Comptoir des Cotonniers, each career is unique! Parity and multiculturalism are part of our values,
and we encourage everyone to express their full potential within the company.
From the moment of recruitment, we consider the possibilities of internal development, in particular between the stores and the head office, and between the various departments within the Fast Retailing Group. We support our employees in building a career in their image, and training and personal development are our trademark! We offer a very rich training catalog to meet many aspirations.

We meet regularly with employees to study their plans for development within the company, and continue to move forward, together.
of employees trained
each year
4,200 hours
of Training
per year
26 themes
of different formations
offered to employees
Creating proximity
Employees and management meet for discussion sessions, the opportunity to discuss openly in small committee the subjects chosen by the employees. Our greatest wealth is the experience and diversity of the personalities that make up our Group: far from communication in silos, we encourage the sharing of experience and ideas on our internal social network. Several employee proposals have thus been taken up nationally, such as the “Team’s Favorite” label on a selection of products.

Because employees can move the lines, we encourage them to participate in the strategic orientations of the company and get involved in cross-functional transformation projects

We are convinced that the future of our Group is written with the talents of today, this is why we conduct a satisfaction survey every year in order to take into account their expectations and needs.