Employability and mobility!
At Comptoir des Cotonniers, each career is unique! Parity and multiculturalism are among our values, and we encourage everyone to express their full potential within the company.
Right from the recruitment stage, we consider the opportunities for internal career development, in particular between our stores and our head office, and the various divisions within the Fast Retailing Group. We support our employees in building a career path that is right for them, and training and personal development are our trademark! We offer a comprehensive selection of training courses to meet the needs of all our employees..

We meet regularly with employees to review their plans for development within the company, and continue to move forward, together.
of employees receive training
each year
3,901 hours
of training
provided in 2022
25 topics covered
on a variety of training courses
available to employees
60 training sessions
(on-site + online) provided in 2022
Creating a close-knit working environment
Employees and management meet for open sessions, providing an opportunity to talk in small groups about any issues that employees have brought up. Our greatest asset is the experience and diversity of the people that make up our Group: Rather than having to communicate in silos, we encourage everyone to share their experiences and ideas on our internal social network. This has resulted in several employee proposals being taken up on a national scale, such as the “Team’s Favourite” label on a selection of products.

Because employees can bring about change, we encourage them to participate in the company’s strategic planning process and get involved in cross-functional transformation projects.

We believe that the future of our Group relies on our current talents. This is why we conduct a satisfaction survey every year to take into account their expectations and needs.