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Women's accessories

No matter the season, no matter the trend, fashion accessories are an integral part of our wardrobes. To add the finishing touch to your outfit, showcase your clothes or take care of them, accessories are always timeless and have the power to take any look to the next level, even classic ones. The devil is in the detail so we've designed a wide range of women's accessories for you to enhance a simple or elaborate outfit and make your style your own. Tights, hats, headbands, socks, beanies and jewellery, browse our selection of trendy accessories to elevate your look with the seasons! For autumn-winter, accessorise your outfit to tackle the cold with warm and cosy materials such as leather, wool or cashmere. Make a fashion statement and play with warm plain colours, prints like leopard print, herringbone, tartan or jacquard. Accessorise your outfit with wool beanies, knitted headbands, leather gloves, baker boy hats, warm printed scarves, bags, glasses and umbrellas. When spring and summer shine upon us, it's time to bring out your timeless summer accessories. Stylish hats, canvas totes, sunglasses, fans, trendy patterns, women's accessories to vamp up your outfits with elegant style.

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Everyday fashion accessories

All year round, take your everyday or party outfit to the next level with our selection of trendy jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and chains give your look original feminine flair. This range of accessories also includes everything you need to take care of your cashmere jumpers, knits and coats to keep them looking good for longer. Make a statement and find the perfect accessory for your style from Comptoir des Cotonniers' iconic designs and pieces!