A matter of style

Comptoir des Cotonniers rethinks a wardrobe for women, all women.Iconic pieces inspired by daily life, workwear and a hint of masculine/feminine simple elegance, allowing each woman a unique allure. 
Essential items mixing french heritage, know-how, quality and simplicity, offering each season sharp timeless collections.


Comptoir des Cotonniers, french brand created in 1995, designs collections reflecting its values anchered in french culture and craftsmanship. Simple and elegant pieces, inspired from daily life and workwear with a hint of masculine wardrobe, adapt themselves to all occasions, remaining relevant at all times. The quality of fabrics, the sharpness of the cuts and the attention to details are synonymous with Comptoir des Cotonniers, and will be even more going forward

connecting generations

Soon after its creation, Comptoir des Cotonniers connected mothers and daughters around their favourite pieces. This intergenerational bond still exists although extended to all women beyond family status, as all women are not mothers but all of them are daughters.


Comptoir des Cotonniers is for all women who love meaningful quality clothes. Regardless their age, their origines, their needs, they will find at Comptoir des Cotonniers chic timeless pieces that they will be free to coordinate as they wish, endlessly.


Women who wear Comptoir des Cotonniers have that contemporary and sophisticated feminine look, far from clichés and images from the past. Their style reflects their self-confidence and their love of spontaneity and effortless. The distinct character and identity of Comptoir des Cotonniers’s collections sublimate each woman’s personality.


To dress women with confortable and precise clothes for every moment of their lives, giving them self-confidence in all circumstances. Comptoir des Cotonniers cares about its clients daily life and inspires itself with it to create a wardrobe of practical and chic essentials, where quality of fabrics, cuts and details will reveal every women’s singularity.

*Liberty, equality, fraternity… Plus parity and diversity! We give our employees the utmost support to ensure their profiles reflect France today. A career with us isn't a long quiet river: talent development and professional training are essential.
*In terms of partners, we've chosen to work with factories that adhere to our social charter based on the UN agency's International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions as a minimum. Our standards are some of the most demanding in our industry. And we take things even further: independent NGOs also audit these factories for total transparency.

Respect for the planet, because it's about time
*The biggest commitment is to make a product made to last. Otherwise, what's the point? Force shoppers to buy non-stop? Not us.
*The choice of fibres is decisive: over 80% of those used by Comptoir des Cotonniers are natural and renewable (cotton, wool, linen). By 2025, we want 100% of the cotton, wool, cellulose (viscose) and synthetic fibres (polyester) that we use to come from eco-friendly sources.
* A garment has the most impact on the planet at the start of its life cycle (e.g. producing fibres). But did you know that around 40% of its carbon footprint (e.g. jeans) is produced during its "real life" with owners? Why? Because clothes are often washed too often or incorrectly... In other words: perfect is the enemy of good! In 2021 we'll tell you everything you need to make looking after your clothes more eco-friendly.

The shopper community, because we're all connected
*Speaking to every woman from every background... Mothers, daughters, slim women, curvy women... It's part of our identity and always has been!
*How do we prove our love for you? By making clothes of ever-improving quality. Every year our seconds are carefully analyzed by experts – diagnostics + solutions. Because our goal is: zero defects.
*Upcycling is essential. So is solidarity. We've spent years working with the charities Le Relais and Tissons La Solidarité to provide assistance to people who are struggling both socially and economically.

Good news: it's Made in China!

• Who said "Made in China" means poor quality? Clichés are hard to break... This vast country is actually transforming at lightning speed! Especially in terms of production.
• Our high quality standards are some of the most demanding in the fashion industry. From choosing fibres and trims to weaving, dyeing and assembling the clothes, we've chosen the best textile factories in China.
• These factories also have to prove themselves in the following fields: respect for human rights by adhering to our group's code of conduct , innovation, quality and ability to produce sustainable materials.
• In practical terms, the factories have made huge investments in cutting-edge technologies.
• But we're taking things even further. Not only is our production constantly inspected by our teams to guarantee exemplary quality standards, but we also have independent auditors conduct spot-checks once or several times a year (in China and elsewhere) to ensure our code of conduct is adhered to and workers are respected.
• On top of that, our collaboration with the Fair Labor Association NGO helps us update our support procedures as transparently as possible.
Our list of partners is available HERE
• China is also the world's biggest textile fibre producer - and the leading cashmere and silk producer. So by setting up a "local distribution network" in the country, we streamline our production and partly reduce its impact.