T-shirt with cropped sleeves CURCUMA
Velour t-shirt NOIR
Knitted vest top ICE
Wool blend belted sweater DEVIL
Wool blend belted sweater NOIR
Bimaterial T-shirt with silk OFF WHITE
Long-sleeved silk t-shirt NOIR
Striped t-shirt NAVY/RUST
Print sweater WILDCAT DEVIL
Printed t-shirt WILDCAT BLACK
Jersey and crêpe shirt NOIR
T-shirt with detail lurex inlay ROSE CLAY
T-shirt with detail lurex inlay OFF WHITE
Striped t-shirt NAVY/OFF WHITE
Ribbed knit t-shirt NOIR
Sweater with Léon print NAVY
Seamless knitted short sleeve jumper NOIR
Silk panelled t-shirt OFF WHITE
Top with lurex detail OFF WHITE
Seamless knitted short sleeve jumper OFF WHITE
T-shirt with cropped sleeves NAVY
Long-sleeved silk t-shirt OFF WHITE
Discover our collection of Comptoir des Cotonniers tops, vests, and long and short-sleeved t-shirts for women, a range of must-have pieces for your wardrobe. You’ll find t-shirts in original styles with very feminine prints and V necks, as well as tops in plainer yet equally chic styles. Not forgetting the iconic Breton t-shirt revisited by Comptoir des Cotonniers with the Bandana print, an original fashion statement that’s a delight to wear. This collection also includes the “Seconde peau par Comptoir” line: linen, jersey, cotton and lyocell garments made from biodegradable fibres. These stretchy, silky pieces are free-flowing and extremely comfortable to wear.