Fabric blend t-shirt OFF WHITE
T-shirt with pocket OFF WHITE
Round neck t-shirt NOIR
Cotton t-shirt  SM PEACOAT
Round neck t-shirt RIO RED
Fabric blend t-shirt NOIR
Round neck t-shirt OFF WHITE
Round neck t-shirt LF BLACK
Léon T-shirt OFF WHITE
Cotton vest top COWHIDE
Round neck t-shirt OLIVE NIGHT
Fabric blend t-shirt RIO RED
Léon T-shirt RIO RED
 Bimaterial T-shirt with pompom details MAJOLICA BLUE
Vest top with spaghetti straps PEACOAT
 Bimaterial T-shirt with pompom details OFF WHITE
Vest top with lace OFF WHITE
Velvet sweater NOIR
 Bimaterial T-shirt with pompom details NOIR
Velvet sweater MEDIEVAL BLUE
Vest top with lace RIO RED
Vest top with lace NOIR
Discover our collection of Comptoir des Cotonniers tops, vests, and long and short-sleeved t-shirts for women, a range of must-have pieces for your wardrobe. You’ll find t-shirts in original styles with very feminine prints and V necks, as well as tops in plainer yet equally chic styles. Not forgetting the iconic Breton t-shirt revisited by Comptoir des Cotonniers with the Bandana print, an original fashion statement that’s a delight to wear. This collection also includes the “Seconde peau par Comptoir” line: linen, jersey, cotton and lyocell garments made from biodegradable fibres. These stretchy, silky pieces are free-flowing and extremely comfortable to wear.